About us

About us

We empower businesses
to provide better financial services About us
to consumers


Flinks is a data company that empowers businesses to provide better financial services to consumers, by connecting users bank accounts, providing financial insights and credit risk intelligence. Driven by the belief that data should belong to consumers, Flinks connects to over 250 million financial accounts.

Trusted by hundreds of world-class companies, Flinks helps them digitize their processes, improve their user experience and reduce delinquency.


Flinks was created the moment we decided to stop wondering what the future of finance would look like — and decided to start building it.

At Flinks, we work to create the future with passion, ambition and at times a bit of obsession. We are not a family, we are an assertive team of impact-driven pioneers, one that believes that drive and traction can change the world. We see ourselves as builders in an industry in dire need of change, enablers making deliberate choices together, and pathfinders taking the risks we deem necessary.

In the end it comes down to 4 core values: Audacity, Autonomy, Learning, Profitability.

Our founders

Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf


Julien Cousineau


Frederick Lavoie


Meet our team

Simon-Pierre LeBel
VP of IT Operations
Make things work.
Frédérick Lavoie
generate scalability.
Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf
lead team to realize Flinks vision.
Julien Dubé-Cousineau
build great tech that improves lives.
Brennan Brouillette
DevOps Lead
Solve problems, and help other DevOps solve problems
Miles Schwartz
Generate predictable, sustainable revenue growth.
Éric Morin
VP | Brand Ambassador
Enhance Flinks' market presence
Arthur Legrand
Support tech operations
Cendrine Ippersiel
Account Manager
Optimize Churn Rates
Genevieve Hebert
QA Analyst
Safeguard quality above all
Guillaume Serrat
Senior Front-end Developer
Use code to further realize Flinks' mission
Haidong Yang
Senior Developer
Use code to further realize Flinks' mission
Julien Belisle
Sales team leader
Find the way to scalable sales success
Maggie Laperle
Head of Acceleration
Generate scalability
Maurício Mota
Head of Integration
Ensure integration success
Philippe Gratton
Head of Product
Build great products that improve lives
Rita Sahir
Head of Accounts
Enhance clients' journeys toward success
Sebastien Bariteau
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
Support operational growth
Tejas Kanitkar
Maintain and improve Flinks' Service Reliability
Jonathan Hallee
Senior Developer
Use code to further realize flinks' mission
Simon Wahl
Head of Marketing
Spread the word about Flinks
Marcel Ferreira
Head of Reliability
Maintain and improve Flinks' Service Reliability
Madeleine Alzamora
QA Analyst
Safeguard quality above all
Michael Belyea
Integration specialist
Ensure Integration Success
Étienne Asselin
Automation developer
Build and create different types of automation workflow
Ayoub Hanzouli
BI Developer
Enhance the value of financial data
Karim Lahrichi
Head of Data Science
Data Scientist
Gean Pedro
Product Developer
Use code to further realize flinks' mission
Adam Gibson
Head of strategy
Reach flinks' Sales Goals
Isabelle Bernard
Data scientist
Enhance the value of financial data
Yves Lavoie
Content Strategist
Tell flinks' story
Jared Grigsby
Chief Data Officer
Grow Data Flinks capabilities
Dominique Samson
Revenue Director
Use legal to maximize revenues
Marc Milewski
Account Executive (sales)
Reach Flinks’ sales goals
Stephanie Luxenburg
Stephanie Luxenburg
Digital Marketer
Spread the word
Joseph Hargreaves
Score Product Strategist
Understand the value of Score for your business
Sebastien Gauthier
Infrastructure Specialist
Support operational growth
Kelly Bennett
Executive Assistant
Ensure administrative's activities performance
Michael Boutin
Business Analyst
Guide & improve business decisioning

Our story

First line of code

January 1st, Flinks’ founder, Julien Cousineau, laid the foundation of what would come next.

January 2017

After only 4 months, we went to market with a functional API and started to serve our first client.

April 2017
100+ Clients

One year later, over 100 world-class companies were calling Flinks’ API on a daily basis

April 2018
Seed round

In order to fuel our growth, we successfully raised $1.75 million in a round led by Luge Capital and National Bank.

April 2018
All the way up from here

Six months later, our team went from 17 to over 50 employees.

December 2018
Hyper - growth

We opened our brand new Montreal office in January, shortly followed by Toronto and Atlanta.

February 2019

They trust us

In the press

Le futur de la collaboration: vers l'hyperconnectivité

Francis Nadeau

Flinks closes $1.75 million from national bank, luge capital

Jessica Galang

Une technologie pour démocratiser le crédit

Alizée Calza

Financial tech firms hopeful federal reforms will force banks to share client data.

Christinne Muschi
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Haven’t joined the team yet?

If this is you (and if you’re insanely talented), it’s now on you to find your way in!

Data Team
Data Scientist
Montreal, QC, CA
Financial Controller
Montreal, QC, CA