Harness the Power of Transactional Data

Attributes reveal deeper insights on your customers using organized, cleaned and transformed transactional data.

Build Your Own Attributes Clusters.

Connect users and their banking data from any institution in your application, aggregate up to 365 days of raw financial history and choose your own attributes on top of it to gain deep insights on your clients.

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Use cases
Thousands of potential data attributes to play with, bundle them to fit your business needs.
More precise/up-to-date risk assessment
Identify changes in spending patterns and suspicious transactions over the consecutive reporting periods.
Transactional behavior analysis
Classify customer data into behavioral categories according to their set of transactions and increase the predictive power of behavioral models.
Customer segmentation
Get deeper insights on your customers and personalize every interaction.
Income prediction
Access your customers’ account information across all banks in order to predict future income.
Affordability Analysis
Predict the ability to repay a loan based on customer’s cash flow patterns.
Sample attributes:
Average monthly loan payments
Number of recent loan payments
Number of recent NSF fees
Unusual recent credit/debit activity
Month-month balance variance/volatility
Amount of days in negative balance
Ratio of spend in the last 30 days to average spend
Age of the account
Distribution of debits + credits
Recurring payment detection - Utility, Telecom etc
Variance of daily expenditures
Count of e-transfer deposits and withdrawals
Unusual recent activity
Credit/debit consistency detection
Average monthly employer income
Average monthly government income
Sum of recent loan payments
Sum of bank fees
Count of loan payments
Breakdown of daily expenditures - Coffee, Restaurants, Bars, Grocery, etc.
Average total credits
Average total income
Average employer income
Ratio of recent employer income to historic employer income
Average non-employer income (Government, EI, Pension, Social Assistance, etc)
Average credits (less) e-transfers, cash deposits and loan deposits
Average total free cash flow
Free cash flow - last 30 days
Current balance
Monthly average balance variance
Income deposit velocity
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