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Flinks Launches Flinks Connect

By Flinks on August 10th, 2017

Ever used Sign in with Google or Connect with Facebook? Discover Flinks Connect, a feature that allows our clients to integrate Flinks faster than their average coffee break.


We’re proud to launch Flinks Connect, a ready-to-use module aimed to make the lives of our new clients easier. This is an important step forward for Canadian FinTechs, as Flinks now becomes a lot more accessible.

User interface : Connect with your bank

Flinks connect


For our clients, ‘accessible’ means having to dedicate a lot less developer-time to add Flinks to their platform, so developers can instead focus on improving their product. This is particularly important for young, innovative FinTech startups that simply do not have the bandwidth for a fully custom API integration.

Specifically, clients using Flinks Connect are giving up the ability to fully customize the user interface, as they are presenting their users with the interface that we have designed. The gain is this: they avoid having to manage the various edge cases that come with integrating a Financial API, thereby saving precious developer-time.

We’ve designed a very clean, beautiful interface that users will love.


Flinks connect


We’ve also put quite a bit of energy into producing an intuitive user-experience. The result? On top of being blazing fast, Flinks Connect offers the user a simpler, more pleasant experience than a regular connection to their online banking, regardless of the device used (mobile, tablet or desktop). For our clients, this means higher conversion rates.

We offer our slick UI/UX for all of the financial institutions we support, – namely:

  • Alberta Treasury
  • BMO
  • CIBC
  • CoastCapital
  • Desjardins
  • HSBC
  • Laurentienne
  • Meridian
  • National
  • PC
  • RBC
  • Scotia
  • Tangerine
  • TD
  • Vancity

At Flinks, we see our role in Canadian Fintech as one of creating potential for companies to achieve more innovation. What we build empowers our clients to create better, more accessible financial products for Canadian consumers. Flinks Connect is a strong step in that direction.

Building a finance app? Connect it with Canadian banks using Flinks financial API.

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