Financial Data Aggregation

Power your app with next-gen financial connectivity

Let users connect their bank accounts and gain instant access to KYC, account information, transaction history and more.

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Our financial API and customizable UX front-end module let you build experiences that will put you ahead of the competition. Securely connect, enrich, and utilize your users’ financial data in your business.

Instant identity. Remove friction from uploads and verify your users right within your app.
Account Information
Automatically receive account and routing information for frictionless EFT and payments.
Transaction History
Receive up to 365 days of raw transaction history for credit decisioning, lending, fraud, PFM and more.
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Impeccable quality, reliability and speed let you focus on building your products, not fighting to access your users' data.

Security & Privacy

Industry-leading practices, paving the way for the future of data connectivity.


Quickly integrate the Flinks toolbox within your environments to power and improve your products.

Build the future of financial services

Lending (Personal & Mortgage)

Increase conversions by providing a digital-first lending experience. Use IBV and transactional data to accelerate underwriting, streamline processes.

Digital Banking

Innovate faster to keep up with evolving needs and expectations. Provide delightful end-to-end digital experiences in various use cases.


Be at the forefront of innovation. Deliver personalized experiences at scale using the power of data connectivity and enrichment.


Accelerate money transfers for your clients. Get access to the data you need to facilitate EFT & ACH.

Wealth Management

Coming soon

Powering the future of finance

“With just a few steps, our customers can authenticate themselves and connect their bank accounts for payments.”