We enable your app to talk directly to your users’ financial data


so you can safely deposit in your user’s bank account. You will receive your user’s institution, transit and account numbers, allowing you to avoid failed deposits or withdrawals.


Account transactions

so your user can access their personal or business transaction data through your app. You will receive up to 12 months of your user’s transaction history along with real-time data, allowing you to conduct your underwriting.


Balance verification

so you can safely schedule withdrawals in your user’s bank account. You will receive your user’s real-time balance, allowing you to avoid returned transactions such as non-sufficient funds.


ID verification

so you know exactly who you’re dealing with. You will receive the name of the account owner, allowing you to get a positive match between what the user says, and who he really is.

Wondering about security?

We understand the importance of security. As a financial data provider, your end-user’s security is our craft.

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Wondering about setup fees?

We believe administrative / activation / setup fees to be obsolete, so we don’t charge any.

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Wondering about integration?

Our developer-friendly solution integrates fast, and painlessly. Our documentation and SDK will help your developers implement Flinks quicker, so they can focus on improving your customer experience.

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Wondering about coverage?

We pride ourselves not only in having the most comprehensive bank coverage in the country, but also in having the quickest capacity to integrate new institutions.

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Take a look at the mechanic behind the magic

User-side 1-2-3

While on your app, your user will be asked to enter their online banking account credentials.

Once done successfully, our API will provide your solution with the financial information needed to deliver the best experience to your user.

Back-end side A-B-C

Our API solution was carefully designed to allow for a fully custom integration, while still get you up-and-running in a matter of hours.

We give you a dedicated sandbox so your customers can experience the uptime they expect from your solution.

Our elegant code allows for a robust, flexible, and scalable integration to your solution.

Want something even simpler and quicker?
Save precious developer time with Flinks Connect

this is your turnkey solution, which will get your started faster than your average morning shave.

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Power your app using Flinks

Connect your solution to the financial API with the most comprehensive coverage in Canada. Get access to the banking data you need to deliver more value to your customers.

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