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    Simple flow for a smooth customer experience.

  • Customizable front-end

    We can display any google font, and any background color.

  • Coverage

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We’ve designed a clean, beautiful interface that your users will love.

UX/UI at the core of Flinks Connect

On top of being blazing fast, Flinks Connect offers the user a simpler, more pleasant experience than a regular connection to their online banking, regardless of the device used (mobile, tablet or desktop). All of that resulting in higher conversion rates.

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Demystifying our Product

Flinks API allows to:

  • Access KYC information: full name, civic address, email and phone number
  • Verify bank accounts: institution, transit and account numbers, for all accounts linked to a session.
  • Verify real-time balance
  • Access up to 12 months of transaction history
  • Access monthly bank statement in PDF formats

We are covering every emerging segments of FinTech: lending (car, personal, business), accounting, payments, investment/robo-advisor, budget apps, and cryptocurrency.

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows a software application to communicate in an easy and secure way with a remote application over the Internet.

It’s making the customer’s banking data available in a single space, which makes it much easier to consult information and operations of all kinds.

Yes. Flinks support all the major Canadian banks and credit unions. This represents a 98% coverage of the Canadian consumer market. Consult our documentation to see the list of institutions we cover

Yes. Flinks supports both individual and business accounts. Consult our documentation to see the list of institutions we cover .

No. For now, Flinks is dedicated to support Canadian bank accounts only.

Yes. We support every flow for all the financial institutions we've integrated.

Flinks acts as a facilitator for payment processors. We build the connections that make Electronic Fund Transfers easier for processors as well as users.

Flinks API supports one-time calls, as well as multiple daily refreshes - it always depends on the type of user-experience our clients want to offer their customers.

Any initial connection requires the user to interact in real-time with our API. Once authorized into their account, our API is able to pull any data the user wishes to synchronize with their app. Scheduled or punctual refreshes are also possible after the initial connection.

An IFrame is basically a space in your website that displays our interface, hosted on our servers. It allows for a plug-and-play integration of our solution, while keeping it seamless for your users.

There are tons! Most FinTechs need at some point or another to interact with their users' bank account. Every time that is the case, our API is what allows them to do that. Here are a few exemples: lending online financing solution, budgeting, expense management, financial advice, credit score, etc.

The offer superior Uptime and reliability: being the only financial API dedicated to the Canadian market, our solution is simply a lot more reliable than any of our competitors. We allow for faster connections in order to reduce wait-time for end-users. We connect with more financial institutions, supporting over 98% of the consumer market. We are also pricing in Canadian dollars, and not charging any set-up fees, making us a lot cheaper. In other words, we are better.

Flinks offers the most reliable financial API on the Canadian market. We are very proactive, and maintain an uptime close to 100%. As nobody's perfect, we are also equipped to face issues: when there is an error, chances are we will inform you it's fixed even before you knew anything was wrong.

We offer a KYC feature, allowing you to retrieve the full name, civic address, email, and phone number of the holder.

We offer friendly, Canadian pricing. Our solution will end-up cheaper than any of the American competition. We don't charge setup or hidden fees, and our pricing is pay-per-use. Check out our pricing.

Integration & Support

We offer both full API integration, as well as Iframe integration. The iframe integration offers a seamless way to connect your app with banks, which can be completed within a matter of minutes. With the API integration, you can present your own UI to your customers.

We built our API to make it as simple as possible to integrate. While it's a tiny bit more complex than Facebook's API, you will have access to all the documentation, as well as a dedicated team to assist you through the steps. Here is the link to our documentation .

We offer both full API integration, as well as IFrame integration. The iframe integration offers a seamless way to connect your app with banks, which can be completed within a matter of minutes. With the API integration, you can present your own UI to your customers.

Of course. We provide a sandbox so you can test the whole solution. Contact us to get your free API key!

Drop a few lines at hello@flinks.io, and we'll make sure you can be up-and-running in a heartbeat.


Security is at the core of everything we do, for several reasons. You can check out more details about how we handle sensitive data on our security page.

To start with, our physical infrastructure is hosted and managed excusively on a PCI 3.0 certified data center. We use HTTPS 256-bit encryption for communications, and AES-256 hardware encryption for storage. See our security page to find out more. Oh, and an important thing to know is that we always have many eyes on us: our security is regularly audited by some of our larger clients.

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