Income Detection

Detect income, reduce fraudulent applications

Understand where your user's income is really coming from and gain access to a breakdown of their income sources: salary, government, pension and more.

Powering world-class companies

Verify income directly at the source

Get a clear understanding of your user by verifying income at the source. Flinks analyzes up to 12 months of transaction history to identify all of the different sources of income.

Reduce fraudulent applications

Default in payment is a major preventable threat for the lending industry. Flinks helps you make better decisions regarding your loans applications.

Breakdown by source

Get a comprehensive income portrait of your lendee/user and reduce fraudulent applications. Understand their income profile, sources and details.

The industry's current detection tools have not kept pace with the increasing sophistication of threat we face

Streamline your customer experience

Our developer-friendly solution lets you integrate quickly and painlessly. Our documentation and SDK will help your developers implement Flinks faster, so they can focus on improving your business.

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