Flinks x ACCEO

Payments between businesses made easier than ever

2 min read - By Flinks - Dec 5, 2017

Flinks and ACCEO Solutions Inc. are pleased to announce that Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) between businesses is now faster and more efficient with the new payment platform for businesses ACCEO Transphere, powered by Flinks’ Financial API.

Companies using this solution find a significant simplification of their suppliers’ account management, as they are able to perform transactions without having to exchange sensitive banking information.

Flinks financial API verifies account information, allowing for more seamless bank-to-bank business payments, resulting in better ROI for businesses’ cash management systems.

“With their powerful API and the exceptional quality of their support service, Flinks is proving to be a valuable partner for us,” said Bruno Lacasse, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at ACCEO.

“The collaboration between our two companies could not be better, because we share a common mission: optimize bank-to-bank payment processes through EFT,” said Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, CEO of Flinks.

With over 1,000 employees and annual revenues of more than $120 million, ACCEO Solutions Inc. is a leader in the Canadian IT industry, offering management, accounting and payment solutions to SMBs, municipalities and retailers of all sizes. For more information, go to http://acceo.com/en/

Flinks is the leading financial data aggregator in Canada. With over 98% of coverage of Canadian bank accounts, Flinks powers the most innovative financial services in the country. For more information, go to https://flinks.io

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