The New Standard in Risk

More than a static cash flow score. Flinks Score is an AI that transforms your client's real-life financial behavior into intelligible predictive features to better your credit offer.

Powering world-class companies

A tool box for your risk team

Leverage a comprehensive library of machine-learning based features specifically calibrated to bear optimal predictive power for your credit risk product.

Calibrated for your use case

We enable you to use AI in live production in order to drastically lift the performance of your model:

  • New to credit
  • Thin files
  • Pre-approval
  • Pre-delinquency
  • Online lending

Reduce time to approve

Better leverage transaction data in your model to approve loans faster. Reduce friction, make your clients happy with instant decisions.

Sign more loans

Acquire more qualified clients and delight them with a faster lending experience. With Score, you can generate a lift of up to 20% on your loan approvals, while still reducing defaults.

So far, we’ve processed over:

500 000 financial profiles
730 Millions $ in loans
120 Millions $ of transactions

and counting...

How it works

Score is built on a state of the art machine-learning model that feeds of financial data in order to assess behaviours patterns. Our expertise in data aggregation has allowed us to analyze more data than any human could.

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