Three beliefs are at the center of our approach to security:


An infrastructure’s security is only as strong as its weakest link.


In our industry, simply ‘following’ best practices is insufficient: we must lead and create these practices through security innovation.


A third party is essential to successfully achieve a comprehensive security posture.

To fill that crucial role, Flinks chose to partner up with one of Canada’s leading security firm:


Delve Labs is the leader in AI-Driven, Smart Vulnerability Assessment (Smart VA).

Read more about their proprietary technology here.


is the first AI-Driven vulnerability assessment solution (Smart VA) enabling 24/7 discovery & scan of all assets without human intervention. Warden is used by some of Canada’s leading financial institutions.

What WARDEN does for flinks

Warden conducts what is called A.I. driven smart vulnerability assessment, or SmartVA, providing continuous discovery & vulnerability surveillance of all of Flinks' assets.

More than compliance

Flinks’ aim is not to comply to traditional standards of punctual third-party vulnerability assessments: Warden allows Flinks to adopt a continuous approach.

Think of it as being under constant third-party security scrutiny, 365 days a year.

You can read Desjardins’ case-study here

You can also read about Delve-Labs and WARDEN in Crunchbase

What security looks like at Flinks


  • Our services are hosted on PCI-DSS compliant providers only, such as Microsoft Azure (PCI 3.0)
  • We get regularly audited by an external well-renowned security firm
  • We meet or surpass any requirements of Canada’s PIPEDA


  • We use specific-IP communication only
  • We use HTTPS 256-bit encryption for communications
  • We use OAuth authentication for maximized secured communications


  • We store sensitive data on a highly secured virtual private instance, not accessible by any of our customers or end-users.
  • We use AES-256 hardware encryption
  • We don’t have access to any of your client’s sensitive informations


We’re always happy to chat about what we do, so contact us for any questions you may have!

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