Create investment experiences your clients will remember.

Let users directly connect their investment accounts from over 75 platforms. Gain an overview of their accounts, positions, securities and more.

Solutions for:

Wealth Managers
& Planners

Move new clients under your management faster. Create holistic financial profiles across all of their online accounts. Deliver more effective financial plans.

Personal Finance

Let clients link all their investment accounts within your experience and become their most valuable financial partner.

& Robo-Advisors

Consolidate all users’ assets, onboard them faster, and build 360-degree financial products they’ll remember.

& Personal Lenders

Verify applicants’ assets instantly and add new dimensions to your underwriting: a holistic view of your clients' finances, from retail banking to investment assets.

Transform your experience with user-permissioned wealth data

  • Institutions

  • Accounts

  • Positions

  • Securities

  • Transactions

Retrieve data from 75 unique investment platforms,
across 45 different financial institutions

Full service brokerages

Discount/online brokerages


Mutual fund companies

Employer portals

Specialty investment companies

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