Great ideas, plans and products all have relatively imminent expiry dates. Great teams, and team cultures, last. They are what matters most.

People could disagree with us on that, but then they’d be wrong.

Flinks Team

Flinks is the result of timing and complementarity, transformed into vision.

No, we’re not a family

Unconditional acceptance is not one of our preferences.

Here are some of our beliefs:

Small teams have the power to accomplish great feats.

David did beat Goliath.

Speed of learning is a better accelerator of success than speed of execution.

Some prefer to put success in the hands of luck. Not us.

Compulsiveness is a disease.

Irresistible emotional urges are irresistible urges to fail.

Hard work is irrelevant.

It’s not their fault if other people work faster than you.

Results are the only source of professional satisfaction.

Satisfaction from any other source is personal satisfaction.

Here are some of our principles:

Maintain a clear, unified vision

Leaders must enable their team to apply focus on finding how to tackle challenges, not which challenges to tackle.

Adequate work is inadequate

Flinks cannot afford average.

Follow traction, not fantasies

Traction doesn’t lie.

Be deliberate

Plan what you intend to realize.

Be agile

Deliver often, adapt when needed, and learn always.

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