Transaction History

Retrieve Transaction History, make better loans decisions

Get a comprehensive portrait of your user by pulling up to 12 months of transaction history from all of their financial accounts.

Powering world-class companies

Understand your customer from A to Z

Get a full financial portrait of your user. Flinks provides you with the comprehensive transactions history from your user's accounts: Operations, Savings, Credit cards, Mortgage, Loans and Lines of credit.

For money lenders

Verify from the bank source if the user’s profile fits your requirements. Enhance your risk assessment (or underwriting) with reliable and comprehensive data for your business.

For personal finance managers (PFMs)

Provide a real-time financial picture to your user. Gain the ability to identify tailored financial products they will want and love.

Special features

Categorization module

Categorized transactions to really understand where your user's budget is spent.


Access rich insights as Flinks is able to verify income and to conduct behavioural analysis to assess risk.

Plug & Play Integration

Our developer-friendly solution integrates quickly and painlessly. Our documentation and SDK will help your developers implement Flinks faster, so they can focus on improving your business.

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