1. Let’s talk about consent

User consent redefines UX and product design in fintech and banking apps.
Asking for inputs inevitably adds friction, but constraint forces us to be more creative.

2. Building a privacy-fair future, together

The more people dedicate their time and energy to put the consumers at the center of finance, the greater the likelihood of actually doing it. Implementing effective consumer consent features will require industry alignment. 

3. Regulations: There’s a new sheriff in town

The Canadian government has launched a consultation on open banking that is likely to profoundly change the game in the finance and banking industry. 

We will report on the whats, whens, hows and whys of these questions in a study,
published free for everyone. Let’s move forward together!

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Open-banking in Canada is a train launched at full speed.
Destination: a new landscape of financial services where power is put back in the hands of consumers. But along this journey questions and concerns are raised by both consumers and financial institutions. 

As an industry, we can’t stay idle. To develop the best and most innovative answers, Flinks has partnered up with Fintech Rails, Montreal FinTech Station’s train, moving actors of the Fintech industry from Montreal to Toronto for the Fintech Summit 3.0 

During the journey from Montreal to Toronto, we will facilitate fishbowl discussions tackling questions surrounding Privacy, Consumer consent, and Regulations with industry players such as EY, Desjardins, Mylo, Hardbacon, and more. 

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4. Thinking about what’s next

Integrating consumer consent as part of a company’s business strategy and designing with consumer trust in mind are shaping up to be unavoidable.